We all enjoy using bookmarks in our browser. Being able to click a button to go to our favorite websites is a lot easier than trying to remember long strings of letters and numbers in a URL.

SmartCabinet has its own form of bookmarking called My URLs. Whenever you come across a URL that you think will be helpful to you in your work with SmartCabinet, just enter it into the URLs screen and you’re all set. New URLs will appear in the My URLs folder in the My SmartCabinet tray.


The URLs Screen

Clicking on My URLs brings up the URLs screen.



  • Title. You can give your URL any title you like. Try to be as descriptive as possible because this is the name that will show up in the My Smart Cabinet tray when you are finished.
  • URL. This is the URL you want to visit. You must include the URL’s full path. So, in this example, you’ll see a link to written like this: If you do not include the full path, the URL will not work.
  • Update. Clicking on Update adds your URL to the list.
  • Reset. Clicking on Reset clears only the current URL you are entering.


Once you’ve entered a URL, it shows up under My URLs in the My SmartCabinet tray:



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