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Creating View allows you to be in charge of how you see the metadata associated with documents that are returned in your Search Results or Browse Content.

To create a View Template which will become a View it's important to determine what metadata you are wanting to see per piece of content.  You have the ability to use any metadata primary or secondary when you are creating a View. 




Creating A View

You can create your View from My SmartCabinet>My View Templates or withing Browser Content under View>Customize

To create a new template inside My SmartCabinet>My View Templates click the + sign next to Headline View.

 To create a new view under Browse Content click View>Customize

Example Template

For this template we want to see the Types and Subtypes of the documents.  Typically it will be important that the Title and maybe the location of the document, the Folder, are part of the template and in this case the date the content was released into SmartCabinet.

To add metadata fields to the template click on the field you'd like under the Available Fields and click the arrow to move it over to the Columns section.  In order to get a grouped field we've created a Description column which will put the metadata fields you've selected in one column.  In this case the Type and Subtype will be in one column vs. their own column. 


Using Your View

Once you've created a view you can now apply them to your search result.  To do this Execute your search or drill down to a folder in Browse Content, and from the Change View menu option select the view you've created. 

Changing the view to the view we created will show Types and Subtypes and look like this.



Creating a Global View:

Administrators can set a view to be seen by a selection of users or all users. 


To assign to a select grouping of users click on the Assign to Users.  Select the users you'd like to see the View then click Actions>Save.

Once you've clicked Save you will get a confirmation window. 


To assign a view to all users select Assign to All Users.

You will be asked to confirm you'd like to assign the Search Result Template to all users.  Click OK to confirm.



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