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There’s a lot to keep track of in SmartCabinet® so the system gives you a little help here and there. One way it can do that is through notifications.  Your System Administrator may have set up Group Notifications for you but you can track all your personal notifications by clicking on My Notifications in the My SmartCabinet tray to view through the Dashboard or in it's own window.

This will display the title of the content, the location of the content and the actions available to you.  Notifications in this list are for content that exists in SmartCabinet®. This list only displays content you have subscribed to personally.


The Item Actions Menu


For each notification, you have the following options:

  • Title:  The content title is a link to the web viewable piece of content in the notification.
  • Content Information. Takes you to the Content Information page for this piece of content. Clicking on the Information icon also takes you to the Content Information page
  •  Go To Folder. Takes you to the folder where this document is stored.
  • Create Discussion. Takes you to the Discussion page where you can communicate with a collaborative discussion


Selecting Notifications from the Add'l Actions menu inside Content Information allows you to check on and edit the notifications for the piece of content you’re currently working with.


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