Manage Workflows: Check In Workflows

Many documents follow a predictable path through an organization. A brochure may start out with a writer. Then it goes to a product manager for feedback. Then back to the writer for revision. Then to an editor for corrections. Finally, it’s likely to end up back on the desk of the product manager for final approval.

This is workflow. And it’s a big part of how organizations get work done.

SmartCabinet® has a workflow system that allows you to route documents to people in a given order. In SmartCabinet®, a workflow is a collection of steps along the way to completing a document. In each step, you can specify the people you want to act on the document and the kind of action you want them to take. Behind the scenes, SmartCabinet® handles the routing, making sure each person has the right document at the right time.

There are three kinds of workflows in SmartCabinet®:

  • Check In Workflows. In a Check In Workflow, the user associated with the first step must check in a document in order to get started. For example, in the Product_Brochure workflow above, the user in the first step is the copywriter. To start the workflow, he or she will check in the first draft of the brochure copy.
  • Criteria Workflows. In a Criteria Workflow, no explicit check in of a document is required. Instead, SmartCabinet® finds the document based on metadata criteria you supply when the workflow is defined. For example, let’s say all product brochures always go through the same workflow. To start this workflow, we would just tell SmartCabinet to begin with any document that had the Content Type “product brochure”. Once this criteria was established, all product brochures would be automatically routed to the right users at the right time.
  • Workflow Templates. A workflow template is just a workflow that you can use as a basis for another workflow. Many workflows resemble each other. So why reinvent the wheel? If we know that our press release workflow is similar to our product brochure workflow, why not use the product brochure workflow steps as a starting point?

To begin working with workflows, click on Administration > Manage Workflows > Check In Workflows in the Administration tray. This brings up the Manage Workflows: Check In Workflows page.


The Manage Workflows: Check In Workflows page shows the list of all Check In Workflows in the system in alphabetical order.


The Item Actions Menu

For each workflow, the following options are available:

  • Manage Steps. Takes you to the Check In Workflows: Workflow Steps page where you view each step in the current workflow.
  • Enable. Turns on the workflow so people can start using it. In a Check In workflow, the workflow will not actually start until the first user checks in the first document.
  • Disable. Turns off the workflow. If there is any content assigned to the workflow it will be released.
  • Edit. Takes you to the Check In Workflows: Edit Check In Workflow page where you can change the Workflow Description for the current workflow.
  • Delete. Removes the Workflow from the system.


The Actions and Add'l Actions Menu

The Actions and Add'l Actions menu has the following options:

  • Add Check In Workflow. Takes you to the Check In Workflows: Add Check In Workflow page where you can create a new Check In Workflow.
  • Workflow Summary. Takes you to the Workflow Summary page where you can review an expanded list of all workflows and their steps.
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