Moving Content or Folders

Let’s say we checked a file into the system but we put it in the wrong folder by mistake. Here’s a tutorial that shows you how move a file from one folder to another. Content and Folders are moved through the same process.  Be aware that if you are moving large amounts of content or folders there may be some processing time.

In this example a resume was accidentally checked into the Job Descriptions folder.  We will move it from the Job Description folder to the Resumes folder.

*Note you will need a minimum of Write permissions to move content.  If you do not see the Move action you do not have the proper permissions and should contact your System Administrator or someone in charge of content for your department.

1. Locate the content you'd like to move either through Browse Content, Search or My SmartCabinet.

2. Select the content, one or many, by using the select box to the left of the title.

3. Go to Actions> Move

4. Choose a Destination Folder to move your content too by expanding the folder tree. The folder you've selected to move your content too will show up in the bottom folder path field.  Once you've selected your folder click OK.

5.  Once the move is complete you will get a confirmation window with a link to the contents new location.  Either click the Go to Folder Move Location link or OK.






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