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Many documents take predictable paths through an organization. A writer may produce a draft document and send it on to a manager for revision comments. The document then comes back to the writer for enhancements. When the document has been revised, it may go to an editor. And finally, after all that, it might go back to the manager for final approval.

This is a workflow and it’s an important part of managing documents effectively between different users. Each person has a document to work with and a task to perform. In this case, we might define the workflow like this: Writer (draft) to Manager (comment) back to Writer (revise) to Editor (edit) and back to Manager (approve).

In the previous example, the workflow didn’t begin until the writer checked in the draft. This is called a Check-In workflow because it doesn’t begin until a document is checked into it. But there’s another kind of workflow in SmartCabinet® called a Criteria workflow. In a Criteria workflow, you provide SmartCabinet® with search criteria and it automatically puts the documents that match your search into the workflow.

For example, let’s say that every budget had to be approved by the CFO. At any one time, different budgets may be in the process of being created by different teams of people. It might take many different Check-In workflows to route every budget to the CFO. But only one criteria workflow is needed to get the job done. When you define the workflow, just tell SmartCabinet® that you’re only looking for budgets. Because you don’t have to check in a document, SmartCabinet® can start the workflow automatically and send any budgets in the system directly to the CFO.

Clicking on Active Workflows brings up the All Active Workflows page.  This is where you can review active workflows, their steps and check content into a Check In workflow.

Here you can see a list of all active workflows in the system.

  • Workflow Name. This is the name of the workflow in the system.
  • Description. This is a longer description of what the workflow does.
  • Type.There are two types of workflows: Check In and Criteria.
    • Check In Workflow. In a check-in workflow, a user starts the workflow by checking in a document. The example above of a writer drafting a document would be a check in workflow. As soon as the writer finishes the draft, she would check that document into the workflow where it would be automatically routed to the manager.
    • Criteria Workflow. Criteria workflows are a little different. Instead of requiring someone to check in a document, a criteria workflow tells SmartCabinet® to find any documents that match your search criteria. Once the search as been defined, the workflow begins automatically.

The Item Actions Menu

The Item Actions menu has the following options:

  • Workflow Content Items. Takes you to the Workflow Content Items page where you can see the individual pieces of content in that workflow.
  • Workflow Summary. Takes you to the Workflow Summary page so you can you see an overview of the entire workflow including the steps and people the workflow is routed to.
  • New Check-In. If the workflow is a Check-In workflow, you will also see a menu item for New Check-In which will allow you to check new content into the workflow. This is the only place in the system where you can check a document into a workflow. By contrast, Criteria workflow is an automatic process that is based on criteria set by your system administrator. 


The Actions and Add'l Actions Menu

 The Actions and Add'l Actions menu has the following options:

  • My Workflow Content Items. Takes you to the My Workflow Content Items page where you can see a list of the content items in currently active workflows that belong to you.
  • Download Spread. Allows you to save a spreadsheet of all the Active Workflows
  • Print View.  Brings you to a new page with the Active Workflows listed in a printer friendly format.
  • All Workflow Content Items. Takes you to the All Workflow Content Items page where you can see a list of all the content items in all active workflows.
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