SmartCabinet Web Address Change - from http to https

We would like to inform you of a message box that soon will appear to users prior to logging in starting Thursday, April 18th 2013 and provide some answers to questions your users may have.  Please note the URL and support contact information will reflect your unique company information.


Below is a generic verison of the message box that will appear: 

 Your SmartCabinet web address has been updated. Click OK to be redirected to your new web address, or click https://company Please update your bookmark or shortcut to point to your new web address. Have questions? Contact your SmartCabinet administrator or email SmartCabinet support at


Some common questions and a brief explanation to why the changes are taking place:

Q:  Why the change?

A:  We have added SSL encryption to our SmartCabinet instance.


Q:  What is SSL:

A:  SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a protocol for encrypting information over the internet.  SSL encrypts names, addresses, passwords, account information and more from those individuals who are not authorized to read them.


Q:  Why are we doing this now?

A:  DocClarity for years has offered SSL encryption as an add on option to clients who had interest.  We are now adding this capability at no additional charge to our entire user community.


Q:  So what do I need to do?

A:  If you have your SmartCabinet log in stored as a Favorite, Bookmark or as shortcut icon on your desktop, you will need to update that bookmark to point to the new address.


Q:  What if I have questions?

A:  Submit a ticket through the SmartCabinet Support & Help > Contact Support form or email  

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