Full Text Searching

Full-Text Searching

Document types and sub-types give you great tools for categorizing your documents. But often you’ll have so many documents created by your organization that just knowing what type of document you’re looking for doesn’t do the trick. That’s when SmartCabinet’s® full-text indexing comes in handy.

When you put a document into SmartCabinet®, the application automatically OCRs (Optical Character Recognition) the document’s text. This allows you to find the document by typing a word or phrase it contains into a full-text search field. This is important when you need to find documents that can’t easily be found by searching for their titles or other metadata parameters.

We've included some search tips for you in the information icon to the right of Enter Search Terms.

Search Tips

  • Use spaces between terms to allow a result only if all terms are in the content
  • Use quotation marks (") around two or more words for a phrase search
  • Use a comma (,) between terms to allow a result if either term is in the content
  • Use a minus (-) immediately in front of a term to exclude content items
  • Use parentheses to group search terms

For example, if you want to find someone’s resume, it makes sense to search for their name in the title first. But what if the name isn’t in the title? Or any other metadata field? You know it will be somewhere in the text of the document, so performing a full-text search for the name will allow you to find it.  In this case we want to find the resume with 'Project Manager' in it in the Corporate/Human Resources/Resumes folder.


The results:

And then depending on the version of adobe you have you can search do a full text search inside of the document.

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