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Clicking on My Profile takes you to the User Profile screen where you can update your personal information, change a variety of settings governing your user of the system.

The user profile is created by the Administrator initially.  Once your user has been established and you log in to SmartCabinet you can update your profile. 

 Below you will find a definition of the fields.

  • User Name. This is your user name in the system. This field is set up by the Administrator and cannot be edited.
  • First Name. Your first name.
  • Last Name. Your last name.
  • Password. You can change your password at any time. Valid passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one numeric character.
  • Confirm Password. Enter your password again.
  • Roles. Your Role determines your access to certain features of the system. For more information on Roles, see the section on Users in Administration.
  • E-mail Address. Your e-mail address. You must have a valid e-mail address to receive notifications from the system.
  • Company. The organization you are associated with.
  • Phone - Main. Your main telephone number.
  • Phone - Alt. An alternate phone number.
  • Fax. Your fax number.
  • Category. The Administrator selects a User Category from the drop-down menu that best describes your job title, profession, or role if they elect to use it.
  • Expiration Date. This field, which cannot be edited, lists the date after which you will no long have access to the system.
  • Startup Page. When you click Home on the menu bar, the system takes you to your default startup page. This drop-down menu gives you several different choices as to which page that is.
    • Search Page
    • New Check In Page
    • Folders Page
    • My Folders
    • My Dashboard
    • My Quick Folders Default Page
    • My Quick Folders List Page
    • My Profile Page
    • My Workflow Assignment Page
    • My Checked Out Content Page
    • Quick Search Page
    • Folder Metadata Form Page
  • E-mail Format. If you choose HTML, all system-generated e-mails will be sent to you in HTML format. If you choose Text, all system-generated e-mails will be sent to you in plain text format.
  • Layout. If you select Trays, the left side of your screen will be filled with the trays containing most of SmartCabinet’s features. If you select Top Menus, the tray names become menus and the features of each tray must be accessed by selecting menu items. Unless you’re working on a very narrow screen, you’re probably better off with Trays than you are with Top Menus.

       If you select Trays, your screen looks like this:

      If you select Top Menus, your screen looks like this:

  • Skin. You can change the color scheme of SmartCabinet by choosing a different skin from the drop-down menu.
  • Search Template. You can view search results several different ways in SmartCabinet. This drop-down menu gives you a variety of options
  • Search Form Type. If you select Expanded, you get a wide variety of parameters on which to search. If you select Query Builder, you can create more complicated searches based on SmartCabinet’s built-in query language.
  • Default Sort Field. If Release Date is selected, SmartCabinet will sort search results based on that field. If Title is selected, SmartCabinet will sort search results based on that field.
  • Default Sort Orders. If Descending is selected, SmartCabinet will order search results from highest to lowest. If Ascending is selected, SmartCabinet will order search results lowest to highest.
  • Default Result Count. This is the number of results SmartCabinet will return per page from a search.
  • Nightly Notifications. If you select the check box, it will only send you content notification once daily, during the night.
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