My Dashboard

The items in My Dashboard gives you access to your own personal data within the system.


  • My AlertsYou have the ability to attach an Alert to a discussion post for a folder or piece of content.  My Alerts allows you to manage your Alerts from one central location.
  • My Checked-Out Content. A list of all the content you currently have checked out of SmartCabinet
  • My New Content. My New Content will list out any content that has been checked in over the last 7 days that you have access to.
  • My Notifications. Your System Administrator may have set up Group Notifications for you but you can track all your personal notifications by clicking on My Notifications in the My SmartCabinet tray to view through the Dashboard or in it's own window.
  • My Workflow Content Items. Allows you to manage the pieces of content you are working on that are currently part of a workflow.
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