My Alerts

You have the ability to attach an Alert to a discussion post for a folder or piece of content.  My Alerts allows you to manage your Alerts from one central location.

You can view My Alerts under My Dashboard or My Dashboard>My Alerts.

My Alerts on My Dashboard


My Alerts from My Dashboard

The My Alerts page is essentially a search result of all of your Alerts.  Because it's a search result you have the ability to use your Search Results Views.  If you have alternative views set up you can go to Change View and choose an alternate view to see your list of Alerts in.  The default view is the Custom view.  In the screenshot below we are using a view we've created focusing on the Checked In By and the Release Date metadata field called Checked In By.

 Under Item Actions you can Select All or Unselect All to Move, Download or Copy.



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