Downloading Content

Downloading content allows you to save the content directly to your computer or a shared drive from your Search results.


To Download content conduct your search and select the content you want to download and then go to Item Actions and select Download. Downloading content can only be done from search.


* Note that you need Java installed to run download documents.  Chrome does not allow this Java applet to be installed, however IE or Firefox does.

Once you've selected Download you will see a pop up java window walking you through the Download process.

To continue with this download you will want to decide the following:

1. What file do you want to download?

  • Web Viewable: the one OCR'ed and converted to .pdf.  The title of the document will be the Content ID, meaning the ID number SmartCabinet gives file.
  • Native: the file that was checked into SmartCabinet.  If it was a Word file you will get the .doc file not the .pdf.  The title will be the title of the file at the time of check in. If you have duplicate titles downloading to one location you will be prompted to skip it or overwrite it.  This is a Microsoft rule that does not allow the same file name in a folder.  If you download Native you also have the opportunity to check the files out by selecting the Check Out File box.
  • Extract to Zip: will put all the files into a zip file.

2. Where do you want it to download to? Use the Browse button to locate the folder you'd like to put the files in.

3. How do you want to download the files?

  • Download will download the current file you are on. This could be helpful if you wanted to save your downloads differently or to a different location per file.
  • Download All will download all the files you've selected.
  • Skip will skip the current file you are on
  • Cancel will cancel the entire download.
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