Copying Content or Folders

Content and Folders can be copied to one or multiple locations.  Copying content and folders will take your existing content or folder and it's content and copy it and all it's metadata to a new location.  Copying content will update the history to reflect your change. 

For this example we have a set of template folders that we will add to a new Tenant when we add the Tenant to the building. 

Locate and select the folders (or content) you'd like to copy.

Once you've selected your folders (or content) go to Actions> Copy or Copy Multiple.  Copy Multiple will allow you to select more than one location to copy your folders or content to.   We will be copying to one location.

Once you've selected Copy you'll be asked to select the location you'd like to copy your folders or content to.  Select your location and click OK at the bottom.

Once you've selected OK, and your items copy you'll get a window saying your copy was successful.  You can either click on the link and go to the folder location you copied to or click Ok.


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