Advanced Search: Query Builder

Another approach to searching is to use Query Builder.  To access the Query Builder, choose Query Builder from the Search Forms menu. Query Builder allows you to build a complex search based on a variety of pieces of metadata.  



We will build a search looking for all Lease Agreements and Storage Agreements for the properties 1212 South France, 70 Jergans Rd and Carlton Cove.


When building this query a couple things become very important.  The parameters And/OR and the parameters Matches, Starts With, Ends, Substring or Ends With. Because we know specifically what we are looking for and that our Administrator has set up the application to tag each document with a specific type and subtype upon check-in we can use the parameters Matches rather than Starts With, Ends, Substring or Ends With when we select the Lease Agreements and Storage Agreements we select build that the Subtype matches the Subtype of Lease Agreement and Storage Agreement.  If we were looking for a word in a title we may want to use Substring, Starts With or Ends With depending on what word we are looking for in the title. 

When it comes to the And/Or parameter it's important to pay close attention to how to include the  metadata after the And or Or.  'And' would mean the search would pull back documents that had both pieces of metadata you've entered where 'OR' would indicate it has one or the other.   


Search Results

Once you execute your search you'll be presented with the results.  From these results you can work with those results to get exactly what you are looking for.  Below is a description of all the actions and links to additional documentation on each action. 


  •  Change View. change the way you view your search results by choosing the metadata fields you want to see. 
  • Item Actions:
    • Select All. Selects all of the content on the page you are currently on. 
    • Unselect All.  Unselects all the check boxes you've checked. 
    • Download. Allows you to download content from your search result onto your desktop or shared drive. 
    • Copy. Allows you to copy content to another location in SmartCabinet.
    • Move. Moves your content to a new location in SmartCabinet. 
  • Add'l Actions: 


Group Search Results By

Reviewing My New Content list of documents and now need to narrow down your results. You can Group Search Results by metadata. In this example we will group our results by Folder. You can read more about grouping content here.




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